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In 2004, G.H. Bass sold it's operation to an out of state company, ceasing all production, shipping and warehousing from the Wilton and Jay, Maine facilities.   Steve Barker, whose entire adolescent and adult life up until then was spent as an employee for the company, most recently as the manager of facilities, found himself without a job along with over 200 other employees.  Steve's ambitious and positive attitude prompted him to purchase one of the Bass warehouses located on 67 East Dixfield Road.  His goal was to remain in the community and to build a business "for and with" the community.  His main focus was on reducing, reusing and recycling.    He first opened "North Jay Redemption Center" and "J and I Indoor Yard Sale" soon followed.   Most recently, Steve has set his sights on another mode of recycling.  He has become a distributor of alternative heating sources in the form of wood pellets.   "Wood Pellet Warehouse" is proud to offer premium hardwood and softwood pellets as a means of alternative heating.  The prices are very competitive and you will find the sales and service to be of the utmost professionalism.  Steve Barker is building a solid reputation as the most trusted business for this area and is committed to providing quality service to the community.  Steve has given the reigns to his son James who runs the business from Orono, Maine, in which he attends college full time as a business finance student. James handles all customer inquiries and needs while you can find Steve and his crew of four delivering throughout the state of Maine. 

Currently Selling:

Lacrete Super Premium Softwood
$289/ton & $6.50 bag
$341 / 60 Pack

Maine Woods Hardwood  Pellets

   $239 per ton & $5.00 bag for MWP hardwood

Okanagan Platniums 100% Softwood
$319.00 Per/Ton
6.75 per bag

**Cash Prices on delivery 
**  Prices are subject to change and do not include a drop charge ** 

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